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Read the testimonials from employees and job seekers, who have shared their stories with us, below.
“My name is Kenneth Carswell, and I must say working for BTI Solutions has definitely been one of the greatest experiences for me. The BTI Recruiter that recruited me is by far one of the best recruiters I’ve ever met. They have always been very helpful, and caring throughout my journey and always making sure I get the information I need to succeed.”
Kenneth CarswellSQA Analyst
“Thank you for helping me. You are truly one of the best recruiters I have ever met. What stands out about you the most is that you care and you truly see value in applicants. You listen very well and follow through with your commitment in reaching out to your applicants (90% of recruiters I met never did). I will admit that I have not looked for another job for over 16 years because I was loyal to my employer but you facilitated this process and for that I am forever grateful”.
Hiram Haddock Jr.IT Help Desk
BTI offers great opportunity for jumping into the IT industry. You get to have close relationship with the on-site manager, flexible and diverse working environment and culture, and granted second opportunity in other projects when your contract ends.”
Former EmployeeSr. Software Test Engineer
“I found the BTI recruiter to be very professional and helpful in preparing me for the job and its interview. They made it easy for me to understand and explained everything I didn’t already know for me to fully understand what I am getting into.”
Christopher VuSQA Analyst
“Management will try their best to hear you out and they’re quite reasonable. I highly recommend working with BTI for anyone who’s trying to break into the tech world.”
Former EmployeeQA Engineer