Project-Based Solution

Many companies have turned to BTI Solutions for help with project-based staffing.

Project-Based Solution


Many companies have turned to BTI Solutions for help with project-based staffing. This solutions works best when a team needs to bring on more employees for a specific reason, often a particular task or project that requires more hands. Project-based staffing comes with the understanding that new hires will only work for the company for the duration of the project unless the employer wishes to hire them full-time. The amount of freelance workers, contractors, and consultants who work for a defined period is increasing, as is the number of employers who see the benefit of project-based staffing. Specifically, using BTI Solutions to bring on team members for a specific project can benefit your business in the three following ways.

01Businesses Save Money

Full-time employees mean significant financial commitments, from their salaries and their benefits to the permanent equipment you may need to supply for them. Hiring a contract worker for a specific project means you only have to pay them for the work that they do during that time. This helps you save money overall while giving you peace of mind in knowing that you are spending money on quantifiable project-based work.

02Businesses Save Time

The delays associated with filling empty or needed work positions can be costly, and can delay the completion of your project. Working with BTI Solutions for your project-based staffing needs, however, can save you time by letting us find employees for you. Additionally, we would only select the best employees who already have the skills required for your project, which reduces the time you need to train new employees. Working with BTI Solutions to hire contract workers means you save time on the employee search, interview, onboarding, and training processes.

03Businesses Can Be Flexible with Project-Based Staffing

One of the unique benefits of project-based staffing is how it affords employers the chance to be extremely flexible in their hiring practices. If you need more employees for three weeks to finish a project, you can hire someone for three weeks. If you have a busy season, you can hire employees for three months. The options are variable and nearly endless and always suited to your specific business needs.