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BTI Solutions Inc. (BTI) is pleased to submit this proposal for Vehicle Infotainment System (Telematics and Multimedia System) Testing Services for the automotive industry. We believe our enhanced testing coverage can significantly improve product quality and end-user satisfaction for your company.

Impact of consumers by working with professional test outsourcing companies like BTI

The trend of Connected car is a step that continuously increases vehicle service using wireless communication and changes according to the point of autonomous driving.

There are many cases of a vehicle recall, especially in North America, due to many complex issues arising from the increasing use of safety & security services using wireless communications. (Such as e911, Remote start, alert service, Etc..)

BTI is specialized in testing these wireless communications fields. The wireless network + connected car testing know-how is being applied for our clients and it is an exact company to minimize service issues using such telecommunication.

  • Among various existing cases, Airbag crashed notification did not occur during the functioning of a specific telematic application and there is a history that prevented the situation that could be recalled by fixing the issue before the mass production stage.
  • (EV) Battery drain / discharge case due to communication module such as NAD/TCU awake due to 96 hrs shutdown mode failed in specific network area
  • Critical issues can be found in complex interworking such as CAN network, application, ADAS senders that have not been experienced before.

Benefits of Working with BTI Solutions

Comparing with LTE, 5G supports considerable data transactions and significantly reliable service. It means the system should be validated and verified against various network situations. When we meet the critical issues on the network interoperability, it will cause severe damage to the manufacturer such as a recall. BTI Solutions is the perfect service company for Telecom based AVN and Telematics Automotive system as BTI is equipped with vast testing experiences with the latest wireless technology.

  • Management
    • Dedicated Project Manager / Regional Manager
    • Safety and Security Training
    • Quality Control – Performance Review, Customer Survey
  • Nationwide Resource Coverage
    • Over 300 highly Engineers in 11 cities in U.S. & Canada
  • Experience/Development with Various Technologies:
    • Development of VoLTE, 5G, OTA, Field IOT, AVN, Autonomous Field driving /Telematics Test Case
    • RF, Radio (FM/AM/SXM), Bluetooth, GPS, Wi-Fi, Other entertainment applications.
  • Experienced Resources
    • Functional validation/verification & Field drive testing Experience
    • Joint test and support experience with Carrier
    • Refined reports & communication skills

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